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"Men's Madness" (Co-director/writer/editor)  Commissioned and Broadcast by Channel 4. in 1991.

Using documentary footage from 1980s TV and location footage from the London Underground, the film moves through various ‘worlds’ of activity.  Industrial production, war, genetics, space technology, religion, artificial intelligence and robotics are isolated worlds which are linked in the film to show the pattern of obsession and irrationality responsible for the systematic dismantling of the natural world. They made it possible to discuss technophilia, militarization, surveillance and the human propensity to expand - even to other worlds.

Because of the provocative assertions in the film, it was pick of the day and pick of the week in all the daily newspapers and described variously from a 'poetical polemic' to an 'outlandish essay in technophobia'. It has recently been re-evaluated as the relentless assault on nature continues.  

GHOSTS IN THE GLOBAL SLUM   part 1 (the slum)

The new film (2023 ) in progress is made up of several short parts. Part 1 attempts to address consumerism, a major factor in the assault on the natural world.

Part 2 (The War Machine) is next....


          " Art as a Mass Political Weapon"  The Poster Collective 1972 - 82

                         A short film about The Poster Collective and the book

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